Hi 👋

Thanks for visiting my shop! All of my pieces are handmade and hand painted in Los Angeles by me. I fell in love with pottery after moving here from Brooklyn. Feeling a little lost in my new city, I was longing for something to make, to get my hands dirty, to create something that felt personal and useful. Oscillating between strength to get the clay centered on the wheel to the most delicate touch to clean up a rim, the physical process of making has brought so much joy to my life. The painted designs using underglazes rather than traditional glazes have allowed me the control that sometimes has to be relinquished in the rest of the ceramics process. Each piece is imperfect and perfectly unique.

A note about the name: My grandma used to sing “Eva-Iva-Ova EMMELINE” to me when I was little. She had a lot of grandkids and it made me feel pretty special to have my own song. She was a unique lady - blunt and honest, loving and funny. Emmeline is a gal she would have liked… although she would’ve had some curt feedback to give her whether Emmeline wanted to hear it or not.

Emily (emmeline)